Funneltopia Unveils Game-Changing Features for Online Business Success


Funneltopia Introduces Groundbreaking Features to Enhance Online Business Operations

Innovative Updates to Upgrade E-Commerce and Business Management on Funneltopia’s Platform

Henderson, NV – April 21, 2024 ( – Funneltopia, a leading provider of innovative e-commerce and business management solutions, has announced the release of several new features designed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of its platform. These updates cater to various aspects of online business operations, including product tax setup, time management, community engagement, and much more.

1. Mastery of Product Tax Setup Businesses can now easily add specific tax rates to individual products within their Funneltopia accounts, streamlining the tax setup process and ensuring compliance with local tax regulations.

2. Mastering Efficient Time Blocks with Funneltopia’s Calendar Update The updated calendar feature introduces pre-buffer and post-buffer times around appointments, allowing users to efficiently manage time before and after events.

3. Enhancing Your Funneltopia Community with Gamification Funneltopia has introduced a gamification feature within its community platform, enabling users to earn points and rewards for engagement, fostering a more active and involved community.

4. Funneltopia’s New Version History Feature for Forms and Surveys This feature allows users to view and revert to previous versions of forms and surveys, providing a safety net against unwanted changes and data loss.

5. Creating Effective Product Collections in Funneltopia Users can now create and manage product collections more efficiently, improving the organization and presentation of products on their e-commerce sites.

6. Setting Up Variant-Specific Product Images in Funneltopia This update enables businesses to assign specific images to different product variants, enhancing the online shopping experience by accurately displaying product options.

7. Mastering Contact Engagement Scores in Funneltopia for Higher Conversions The new contact engagement scoring system helps businesses prioritize leads based on their interaction levels, thereby enhancing conversion opportunities.

8. Master Subscription Offers in Funneltopia with 100% Discount Codes Businesses can now offer subscriptions at no cost to select customers through 100% discount codes, adding flexibility to promotional strategies.

9. Master Your Sales Funnel with Funneltopia’s New Coupon Feature The addition of coupon codes to payment links offers a simple yet powerful tool for promotions and customer incentives.

10. From Novice to Master: Google Sheets Workflows in Funneltopia Integration with Google Sheets allows for seamless data management and automation directly from Funneltopia workflows.

11. Mastery of SEO on Funneltopia: Boosting Organic Search Visibility Enhanced SEO tools within Funneltopia provide users with the ability to optimize their pages for better visibility and ranking on search engines.

12. Enhanced Checkout Forms for Increased Sales with Funneltopia New checkout form features have been introduced to provide greater clarity and encourage accurate customer information, reducing potential errors and increasing conversion rates.

13. Master Your E-Commerce Site with Effective Collection Strategies The enhanced collections management feature allows users to better organize and display products, akin to leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

For more information about these features and to see how they can transform your online business operations, visit Funneltopia’s website and watch the videos for a detailed overview.

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